Below is a time line of what has been accomplished and what is currently in the works . . .

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Project #8 — October/November 2016:

The goal and intention is to build a small bottle brick building in Bahariya Oasis as a center for the women do their hand crafts. Please contact us to express interest in volunteering.

— Joined by Indigo Rønlov and a yet to be determined volunteers. Perhaps you?


Project #7 April/May 2016:

Deepening the work. Travel to Bahariya to begin the planning for the center.

— Joined by Indigo Rønlov




Project #6 — October 24-30 & November 12-14, 2015:

Bahariya Oasis: deepening the work previously begun. Focus will be on product quality, prototypes, and creating a sell-able product. Banati & the Zabeleen: Enrichment for the Banati girls by bringing them to visit an NGO in the Zabeleen community to see what is being done with reclaimed materials.

— Joined by Indigo Rønlov & Soad Badr


Project #5 — March 19 – April 6, 2015:

Work with Banati and in Cairo; Field trip with Banati girls: Outreach in Oases and Villages.

— Joined by Indigo Rønlov, Soad Badr, Amanda Starlight, Mickey Stelavatto, & Shelly Divine




Project #4 — November 3-9, 2014:

Work in Bahariya Oasis and  Banati, Groundwork for March 2015

— Joined by Indigo Ronlov & Jacquiline Mullen


Project #3B — March 21-28, 2014:

Partnership with Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. and Quest Travels. Demonstrations on the tour and at Bassaw village near Edfu.

— Joined by Indigo Rønlov, Debbie Clarkin, Shannon Kempster, & Aanda Starlight.


Project #3A — March 17, 2014:

Partnership with Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. and Quest Travels for a Field Trip to Sakkara with 6th of October Language School & Banati;

— Joined by Indigo Rønlov, Nicki Scully, Mohamed Nazmy, the kids from the 6th of October Language School, the girls from Banati, & the Shamanic Journeys Tour group.


Project #2 — March 9-16, 2014:

Outreach to Bahariya Oasis; Workshops with 6th of October Language; School, Banati, and FEDA

— Joined by Indigo Rønlov, Debbie Clarkin, Shannon Kempster, & Amanda Starlight




Project #1 — December 2013:

Indigo and her son used their time in Egypt to understand how to best bring this project forward and to do the groundwork for Project #2 in March. During this visit she offered the first Zahra workshop at the 6th of October Language School.

— Joined by Indigo Rønlov & Logan Rønlov


Inspiration — March 2013:

During a Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. Egyptian Mysteries Tour with Nicki Scully and Martina Hoffmann, there were many conversations with the group about what could be done about the waste strewn across the landscape. Indigo began to visualize the waste as raw material. With much work and planning, she began to take the steps to create something that could help.


*My apologies for not having more photos up from the more recent Zahra Projects... I have been so focused on how to weave in the next piece of this ongoing Zahra experience that I have not spent a lot of time with the photos since March 2015, but I will soon! ~Indigo




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